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For all businesses, large and small

Get a $500 banner credit with your order

Aerial banner advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, making it an excellent option for you when compared to other mass media.

  • A large number of potential customers at a lower cost compared to other advertising methods

  • Create a sense of community and encourage people to visit #socialmedia or websites

  • Create a buzz and generate excitement around new and established brands

Aerial advertising campaigns are crowd-pleasers
Mass advertising using aerial ads is cost effective

Aerial ads are fun and interesting

Create powerful and lasting memories of your brand

  • Text banners are affordable and a great value because they present a clear and concise message to your intended audience
  • A logo banner has a distinctive professional visual appeal that makes your campaign different and memorable

  • Flying billboards can be designed to include eye-catching graphics, bold colours, and concise messaging that can capture the attention of viewers and create brand recognition

Wherever people gather

To develop sales or subscriber relationships

  • Festivals and amusement parks

  • Beaches and places where crowds gather

  • Event marketing

  • Sports events and tournaments

  • Vancouver Pride Day

Mass advertising using aerial ads is cost effective
Mass advertising using aerial ads is cost effective

Put your brand above others

Develop your target market with cost-effective ads

  • Create an immersive and interactive brand experience that engages consumers on a personal level

  • The goal is to increase brand awareness, word-of-mouth marketing, and sales

  • Build a relationship between your brand and the consumer by showing that you understand the consumer’s needs and concerns

  • Showing off your brand can increase customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases by reminding people why they like it

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