Elevate Your Perspective with Our Aerial Photography Service

For private, commercial, and government photographers

Aerial photos are the big picture

Professional and hobbyist flights

Obtain stunning high-quality images and video captured from above, perfect for private, commercial, and government uses.

  • Aerial photography plane rentals since 2004

  • Experienced commercial pilot

  • Cessna 182 high-wing aircraft with open windows or floor mount for surveying cameras

  • Much more affordable compared to helicopters

Aerial advertising campaigns are crowd-pleasers
Mass advertising using aerial ads is cost effective

Private and commercial photography

Personalized aerial photography sessions

Calling all creatives and visual marketers! Create stunning postcards, stock photography, and sales materials for real estate or any other venture.

  • Special events, such as weddings and family reunions

  • Capture the beauty of your property from a new angle

  • Post-card images, sightseeing keepsakes, and places of interest

  • Real estate photographers welcome

  • Showcase your outdoor event or venue

Federal and Provincial Government

Reliable and efficient service throughout BC and Alberta

Experienced aerial survey pilot available for hire to fulfill your photography contract. Reliable, insured, and Transport Canada approved.

  • Mapping and surveying mount in floor of aircraft

  • Disaster response and public safety

  • Monitor flood zones, assist with search and rescue efforts

  • Provide visual evidence for insurance and legal cases

Mass advertising using aerial ads is cost effective

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