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Aerial banner advertising for British Columbia and Alberta
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Government, Real Estate, and Insurance

Skylines Air Services has been providing a service for aerial photography for eight years.  The Cessna 182 aircraft used is a high wing aircraft with a window that can be opened. In addition it is equipped with a gull wing door providing unobstructed camera angles.

Skylines can provide a flying platform for your own photography, flying ‘low and slow’ at a cost that is a fraction of the rate for a helicopter.  We can also provide a full service, supplying a professional photographer with expertise in photography in the commercial and residential property market. Our Chief Pilot is familiar with the special  requirements of flying for aerial photography.

Quotations can be provided for packages including the services of a professional photographer.

Why Choose Us?

  • High resolution images
  • Quick service and turnaround
  • Specially modified plane for surveying cameras
  • Professional photographers


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